Love from your Sol family

People always asked where I developed my love for kava.  It was on a family trip. Need I say more?

The upcoming holidays are a stressful time for most of us. Yikes! Staying relaxed and warm during the holidays will make your memories enjoyable.

Here’s our Sol Care tips for getting through:

·      Keep kava on hand. :) 

·      Take deep breaths.

·      Walk, outside. Talk, outside.  Walk and talk it out.

·      Write 5 things that you appreciate.

·      Accept, don’t expect. 

·      Fast, 12 hours.

·      Listen to what your body needs

·      Gift in a way meaningful to you

·      Consume consciously

·      Prepare food in a relaxed environment

·      Consider kava, kombucha or elixirs instead of alcohol

·      Set your boundaries within yourself

·      Show happiness with who you are.

·      Be respectful + non-judgmental

·      Let go of expectations.

·      Embrace the situation for what it is.

·      Keep up on self care.


Try as many as you can.  Be compassionate. Forgive. Know that your Sol family embraces you.

Kristen JaskulskiComment