A SACRED root 

Kava has been revered as a sacred element of community building for thousands of years.  Grown throughout the South Pacific (and Hawaii), this mystical plant is being embraced for its healing, unifying, feel good properties.  

Kava itself is a holistic, natural tool to aid in stress and anxiety management.  At Sol we embrace the power of the plant, blending it into delicious teas and elixirs.  We aim to assist our customers,  enhance the lives of our customers, helping them ease through life with graceful euphoria. 

Kava bars have been popping up throughout the United States, offering an alternative to traditional alcohol centric nightlife. Drinking with others raises your vibration and supplements the benefits this restorative drink has to offer. Entering a kava bar is an invitation to let all the chaos and expectations from outside go. We invite you to try Sol's line of kava products and embrace the empowering sense of belonging you’ll find when become a part of the kava community.