Find Your Space,
Meet New Friends,
Drink Kava.

Sol is a kava bar created to provide a social atmosphere as relaxing and uniquely inspiring as Kava itself. 

When you enter Sol, you’re entering a space to let all the chaos and expectations from outside go. Your kavatender will encourage you to try a traditionally brewed kava, in the company of friends both old and new.




Relax your body.
Clear your mind. 

Kava, (also known as kava kava or Piper methysticum) is a relative of the pepper plant.  After the plant has been growing for several years, a chemical called kavalactones fully develops in the roots of the plant.  When ingested, this chemical has a relaxing affect on the body, easing tension, alleviating stress and anxiety while enhancing mental clarity, creativity and sociability. Sounds good nice, right?

Along with kava, Sol has a full menu of consciously sourced, plant based, teas, tonics and elixirs. Your Kava-tender can recommend drinks, boosters and custom creations based on how you want to feel.




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